I’m pleased to announce my involvement in a newly formed society with an aim to reform the law in BC, which currently denies justice to the survivors of children, the elderly, and many people with disabilities killed by the careless or intentional acts of another. Presently, only the lives of income-earners have value under British Columbia law.

BC’s current Family Compensation Act (FCA) only takes into account the direct financial losses resulting from death. Children, seniors and people with disabilities, who may not represent a financial loss that is immediately measurable, are a class of people whose lives are not fully valued or respected when they are killed in BC.

A further unfair and unjustified distinction exists in BC between wrongful acts that lead to injury and wrongful acts that lead to death: if you are injured, regardless of income, you and your family can seek justice and compensation, unless however the Claimant dies prior to the finalization of the civil court proceedings. However, if you are killed and did not have an income, your family cannot seek justice or compensation.

Family members who have been impacted, or have suffered the loss of a loved one due to the harmful actions of others deserve a full measure of justice. Help spread the word by visiting the Website and follow on social media – Twitter & Facebook. Your help is needed to change the law in BC.