May 22, 2008 coinciding with the International Business & Technology Summit in Beijing China the BC Canada Pavilion Grand Opening took place in Tiananmen Square, Beijing. I was pleased to be part of the delegation of which attended the opening.

Global News covers the story below:

Images below are of the BC Canada Pavilion and depict BC Premier Gordon Campbell signing his name on the glass plaque followed by me and a number of other delegates.

The BC Canada Pavilion will serve as an introduction to business, tourism and industry highlights in British Columbia, Canada. Exhibits are characterized as a journey to a land of pristine beauty, multicultural communities, rich natural resources and innovation in business. Additionally, it provides a flexible business and meeting center, open between May and September 2008, where government and private industry representatives from China and Canada can liaise to explore business opportunities and cultural exchange. I was pleased to have attended the grand opening and utilize the business space provided.